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a collection of songs I recorded in my bedroom in late 2015/early 2016 with the shittiest mic ever.


released February 18, 2016

album cover photo taken by sovannarith tap



all rights reserved


King Luka Atlanta, Georgia

a demon lady

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Track Name: fossils of myself
fossils of myself, you were gone, you were someone elses kill.
the summer billy stopped and he looked at me and he said do you wanna
leave with me be free to see the things that you wanna see.
and we were only kids, or so it seemed, everyone else was so

mean to meee.
we could be everything that we need to be.
and we'll see everything that we need to see.
and be happy at eighteen.

and the fossils of myself are covered up but ill find them eventually.
and the fossils of myself are buried deep but they'll find me

hopefully we can be everything that we're suppose to be
youll be close to me
ill be happy
Track Name: alien
you seem to think that im dumb.
but you don't even know what i've done.


and sometimes i sit in my car
i dont drive too fast. dont get too far

but one day i wont come back.
you and my friends, been holding me back.

because im an alien.


and how could u hurt me like that?
I'm not a kid, I won't be last.


and you seem to think that you're right.
but ive been holding back.
been doing it out of spite

because im an alien.


im wrong
im right
Track Name: sry
never meant to hurt u.
guess it looks that way.
woke up one morning,
my feelings went away.


now u wont talk
about it, not to me
seems so stupid.
i cant force the way i think.


Track Name: fight
there was that 1 day i almost stayed in bed
something was missing i felt like i was ded.
but i drove there i saw you i didn't think too much.
i played my set, it sucked, too, i watched you get out of touch.

in the neon lights i watched you fight.

there we were for the first time, for the last time i fell in love.
i cheated you needed to meet me to get some stuff.

i look at you, see 666, i don't know what to make of this.
but i know it's there.

and tomorrow morning you'll be gone and i'll be in a place that i don't want,
we're there.

in the neon lights i watched you fight.
in the moonlight i watched us die.
Track Name: pretty ugly
pretty girl,
ugly boy.
lookin sharp.
you're my new toy.

I know you're not fully there.
I can tell your mind is elsewhere.

you cant hurt me,
you can see me.
Track Name: die alive
one day you'll die
all by yourself
i will not cry
i wont be there.

sleepy girl in the passenger seat.
roll up the window and turn up the heat.

cuz we are just 2 ppl who are living in this world.
every morning i wake up and i wish that i was pure.

cuz you will never die alive.
you will eat the sand.
you were never special.
you are no man.

that credit card.
in my memory it's scarred.
you found me,
hiding behind the passenger seat.
Track Name: me me's

my head has been lying
my god ive been trying
my mind has been dying to see

do you even notice
will i ever focus
its all imaginary anyways

and now ur gone
we're never cumin back home
Track Name: u want it u wont


want it

i tried.
u dont care.
i lied.
it's in the air.